Sense stories / बोध कथाए

Lion & Dog

Once a dog was walking through the jungle. When he saw the lion coming from the front of the road, for a moment he thought his life would end soon. But things turned out to be different, he was after all a smart dog (alike Gujjus)

He saw a pile of bones on the side of the road. He turned his back to the lion and began relishing the bones and said “Ahaha. It was so sumptuous to have this lion today.”

On hearing this, the lion realized that the dog seemed dangerous and it would be safe to stay away from it. And he left quietly.

A monkey sitting on the nearby tree witnessed all that happened and understood how the dog had made a fool out of the lion. He decided to go to the lion and tell him the truth assuming that it would help him being friends with the lion, thus he wouldn’t need to fear anyone in the jungle.

He ran behind the lion and told him all the truth.
The lion was very upset when he heard this. He said, “Come let’s go, now itself, I will hunt him down.”

The monkey climbed over the lion’s back and they started heading back towards the dog.

The dog had already seen the monkey run towards the lion and had understood what was going on.

Now the smart dog decided to play another trick. He turned his back to the lion again and as they approached towards him, he said loudly, “I have sent the monkey to fetch the lion since so long, why isn’t he back yet?”

Moral: One can face even the most difficult times if they learn how to stay calm and think of a solution.

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